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Industry Insights
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Few&Far Employer Spotlight: Superbet

What will it take to be the next Netflix? We’re about to find out.

Superbet, the multichannel sports betting operator, is going through a huge period of growth and hiring for a number of open positions across their tech team.


This ambitious company is planning to become the next Unicorn in 5 years. They are already known as one of the best sports betting operators, having won The Best Sports Betting Operator in Central and Eastern Europe Trophy 3 years in a row.

🏢 Offices: UK, Romania, Poland, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Cyprus, Gibraltar, and Malta

🎯 Mission: To build innovative betting products with a global reach to excite the world.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Team size: 3,500 and growing

💰 Funding: Part-owned by the world’ largest private equity fund Blackstone Group, which committed to a £175m strategic minority investment in the business.

👍 Highlight: One of 3 betting operators to be a member of the Betting Integrity Association (source)

This is a company that breathes entrepreneurship and tech, with their values and employees being the focal point of what lies at the very core of the business (source).


Bruno founded Axilis in 2011, a software design and development agency, with offices in Croatia and the US. Axilis has been consistently ranked as a leading Croatian technology firm by Deloitte’s ‘Fast-50’ technology index for Central Europe (source). In 2018, Axilis was acquired by Superbet Group and Bruno joined the company as a CTO.

  1. Can you tell me a bit more about why you joined Superbet?

Superbet at that moment, was basically a Romanian betting company. The reason that I went there was because I saw the ambition of scaling out to the whole world. I really believed the vision that Sacha had.

Since acquiring Axilis, I was just a part of the few puzzles coming together. Superbet at the moment acquired a few different companies. After the acquisition, we raised money from the world’s largest private equity fund Blackstone.

The industry itself was lagging behind some other tech-powered industries, where I can really see us making a global story and using technology to really scale globally.

  1. Why is Superbet the place to be for developers?

Superbet is not just trying to be a betting company. We see ourselves as an entertainment company that is fighting for people’s time. The same way Netflix is trying to get you to watch movies, we’re trying to get you to get more engaged with sports. The stuff we are building is not just sports-betting.

We’re trying to build products around it and basically be a one stop shop for sports fans. Aside from pure betting, we’re also offering a social network for people where they can talk about sports, discuss each other’s predictions, follow each other, comment on the matches and so on. We also have a very detailed stats platform where users can find everything about any sport, help them get streaming if they don’t have it, live updates and much more.

For engineers, the benefit of all of that is that it’s a pretty complex platform. If you only look at our betting function, its complexity is on the same level as stock market software. We have a trading platform, because we need to assure what prices we are offering, manage the risk right, accept those bets, etc. That portion is pretty big and we have a basically social network where users are using all the standard social components mixed up with this whole trading platform. All that combined gives you a lot of really strong engineering challenges. People find it really interesting to work on.

  1. What are your current goals and challenges as a CTO?

Definitely scaling up. Our products work well in a few countries. We operate like Croatia, so we’re looking to improve them. But as betting is a regulated industry, it’s not just easy to go worldwide. You need to do a lot of work to launch in a different jurisdiction. Currently, we’re focused mostly on how to leverage our existing technology and products and scale them out to multiple different jurisdictions and become a global player.

  1. Where do you see the company going in the next 5 years?

In the next 5 years, I do really believe that we’re going to become one of the top 5 companies in the betting industry and after that, I would hope that we get compared more to the other entertainment companies than just betting ones.


Superbet wants to build a better and bigger experience for our customers. And just like all great sportspeople, they see every challenge as a chance to prove their talent and every mistake as an opportunity to grow.

They’re an extremely ambitious organisation, and their ambition is infectious. They have been attracting top talent from large and renowned organisations including big tech names. The tech talent they employ is best-in-class, creating real impact across the business.

Superbet gives their employees flexibility when they’re juggling both work and other personal obligations, championing the human approach above everything else.


  • Flexible hours and remote working - Choose to work from wherever you'd like. We'll throw in a WFH allowance too (so you can customise your WFH set up).
  • 🏝Unlimited holidays policy - Because the work shouldn't be your whole world and the reset is important.
  • 🏅 Added Value Time program - You can spend 2 days per month working on any project you want that adds value to Superbet or our customers.
  • ♻️ Change teams - Want to change teams? Sure. No questions asked. No need for approvals to change teams.
  • Pension, private healthcare, life insurance and much more