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Beware: WhatsApp Scammers Impersonating Few&Far

Everything you need to know about the wide-spread 'Remote work' WhatsApp scam.

Have you received a WhatsApp message about a remote role by someone claiming to work for us?

We've got an urgent message to keep you safe during your job hunt. Some scammers are pretending to be Few&Far recruiters on WhatsApp, and we want to make sure you can spot them:

1. First Contact - We'll never contact you first on WhatsApp unless we’ve spoken before. Initial outreach will always be through LinkedIn or official email addresses.
2. Clear Job Messages - The roles we offer are crystal clear. No vague "remote work" stuff.
3. Local Numbers Only - Our recruiters use local numbers, not foreign ones.
4. It's Few&Far - Watch out for misspellings like 'Fewandfar'. We're officially Few&Far.
5. Free candidate services - You'll never pay a dime to land a role with us. Our candidate services are always free.

If you get suspicious messages, don't engage. Please block the scammer, flag the message as spam, and report within WhatsApp.

1. Block the Scammer

The first step is to block the scammer to prevent them from contacting you further. To do this, open the chat with the scammer, tap on their name or number at the top of the chat window to view their profile, scroll down, and then tap on "Block Contact." This will stop them from sending you messages or making calls.

2. Report the Scammer

After blocking the scammer, you can report them to WhatsApp. WhatsApp encourages users to report suspicious accounts and messages to improve the platform's security. To report the scammer:

  • Open the chat with the scammer you just blocked.
  • Tap on their name or number at the top of the chat window to open their profile.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and select "Report Contact."
  • Choose the reason for the report that best describes the issue, such as "Spam" or "Harassment."

Keep in mind that reporting a contact or flagging a message as spam doesn't guarantee immediate action, but WhatsApp uses such reports to improve the platform's security and user experience.

3. Provide Additional Information to WhatsApp

If you want to provide more information to WhatsApp regarding the scammer, you can also send an email to their support team. This is an optional step, but it can be helpful if you have relevant details to share.

  • Send an email to ""
  • In the email, provide information about the scammer's phone number, the content of the scam messages, and any other relevant details that may help WhatsApp investigate the issue.

Remember that WhatsApp takes user safety and security seriously, and by reporting scammers, you are helping them identify and take appropriate actions against such accounts. Always exercise caution when dealing with unknown contacts or suspicious messages and avoid sharing personal or sensitive information with strangers on the platform.

Thank you for your understanding, and we apologise for any disturbance caused. Stay safe!